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Top 3 Most Eco-Friendly Plates For Your Sustainable Event

Eco-friendly plates, palm leaf plates

Top 3 Most Eco-Friendly Plates For Your Sustainable Event

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the plastic we use for food packaging and other uses? Do you ever think about where all the trash ends up? Annually, approximately 230 million tons of garbage are generated and either buried in landfills or incinerated in the US. Out of the quarter-million tons of garbage, only 1/4 is recycled. The oceans are filled with garbage, and marine life is struggling to survive in its natural habitat. 

The world is on the brink of major climate change, and we must make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and incorporate a more sustainable lifestyle. Disposable products like plates, cutlery, glasses, etc., are usually made with plastic that takes thousands of years to break down. With more and more people “going green,” the demand for biodegradable products is at an all-time high. 

While plastic products are incredibly cheap and easily available, biodegradable and eco-friendly products are entering the mainstream, and people are all for it. In this article, we will be looking into different types of biodegradable plates. Let’s find out more about these eco-friendly plates. 

Round Palm Leaf Plates and a palm leaf tray containing salad.

Palm Leaf Plates 

Palm leaves are nature’s gift to humankind, and it is becoming a popular material to make reusable dinnerware. The Areca Palm is a gorgeous and majestic tree, and its special quality is that its leaves naturally fall every few weeks. Plates and bowls are made out of palm leaves and are durable, lightweight, and require minimal processing time for the finished product to be ready. The fallen palm leaves are gathered and washed using spring water. The leaves are then sterilized and pressed into shape. There is no use of harmful chemicals, wax, and additives in making these eco-friendly plates. The most unique quality of palm leaf plates is that they won’t harm the environment and can be burnt or composted. Palm leaf plates are also microwave safe and can be kept in the refrigerator as well. 

The cottage industry responsible for manufacturing biodegradable plates becomes a source of income for South Asian families living in poverty – making it a responsible choice to switch to palm leaf plates. 

Sugarcane Plates 

Sugarcane fiber, bagasse or biocane, are used to make biodegradable sugarcane plates that are a green alternative to conventional dinnerware made out of plastic or paper. The waste fiber that is left behind after extracting the juice from sugarcanes is combined with other agricultural waste to create the contents of biocane. Sugarcane plates are made out of plant fibers makes them 100% biodegradable and compostable. The special quality of sugarcane planted is that it’s sturdy and strong and won’t fold even if you place a big piece of meat in it. Sugarcane plates come in various sizes that will suit any occasion – whether it is a kids’ party or you’re serving 100s of customers lined outside your food truck. 

Bamboo Pulp Plates 

Bamboo pulp plates are another option of biodegradable dinnerware that is perfect for kids and the environment. Many restaurants, catering companies, and party hosts have started opting for bamboo dinnerware because of its abundant benefits. Bamboo pulp plates are much more durable than regular paper plates. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable, and no harmful chemicals are used in making bamboo dinnerware. Bamboo pulp plates are also lightweight, and yet they are sturdy too. Possibly the best thing about bamboo pulp plates is that you can dispose of them after using them, but you can also choose to reuse the dishes by simply washing them.