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Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Your Guests Will Love

Eco-friendly dinnerware

Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Your Guests Will Love


Planning a big party or a celebration dinner with your loved ones? Being a host comes with a lot of responsibilities. From tweaking the menu and setting up the table to picking out the perfect dinnerware, there’s a lot that you need to consider. The dinnerware and utensils you choose can elevate your dinner and transform it from a boring get-together to a sophisticated event, with you feeling completely content with everything!

That said, this ‘contentment’ cannot be achieved unless you care about the consequences of your actions for the environment. Many people only worry about how things go during the event in question and forget to think about the aftermath. Many people opt for disposable dinnerware for a big event to get rid of it afterward, which results in heaps of waste.

Whether you want to leave a great impression on your friends or you care about sustainability and the environment, eco-friendly dinnerware is something that you should definitely consider. Let your dinnerware be eco-friendly to save yourself the guilt that comes with disposing off piles of disposable plates and utensils every time you host an event.

Bamboo Pulp Dinnerware to the Rescue!

Bamboo pulp plates have become quite popular in recent years. Made from bamboo and other renewable materials, bamboo plates are extremely durable and do not splinter. Bamboo dinnerware is made from the bamboo sheath, which does not harm the plant during the collection process.

This sheath is then sanitized, laminated, molded, and bonded into eco-friendly dinnerware. Since bamboo is biodegradable, it is much more sustainable than any other materials used in making dinnerware. While Styrofoam takes a whopping 900 years to degrade, bamboo only takes a few months. Moreover, bamboo is found in abundance and produces more oxygen than any other plant.

When used for plates and dinnerware, bamboo offers heavy-duty usage and is extremely lightweight. It can easily hold any amount of food without splintering.

In addition to bamboo pulp dinnerware, sugarcane dinnerware has also become quite popular. And no, it’s not as sweet as you would imagine sugarcane dinnerware to be. It is made from the sugarcane plant that is 100% biodegradable and only takes 90 days to degrade.

Sugarcane Dinnerware – An Oil- and Water-Resistant Option

Sugarcane dinnerware is made from bagasse, the fiber-rich part of the sugarcane plant that is extremely durable. When the juice of sugarcane is extracted from the stalks, the material that is left behind, bagasse, is discarded.

When used for making dinnerware, bagasse, which has now turned into pulp, is cleaned thoroughly to get rid of impurities and then mixed with some reagents to make it resistant to water and oil. Once mixed, it is then molded to form plates of every size and shape.

Sugarcane dinnerware is 100% resistant to water and grease. So if you have greasy food items on the menu that may stain utensils or leak through them, you no longer have to worry. Save yourself the trouble of food and gravies leaking through paper plates!

Sugarcane plates are also cut-resistant, so you can use them for steaks and anything that might require slicing, as knives won’t cut through these plates. They are white and feel very sophisticated, just like heavy-duty plates.

Elementa Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

Elementa is an ethical dinnerware brand that has adopted environmentally sustainable practices to offer its customers eco-friendly single-use and disposable cater-ware and dinnerware items.

Whether you are a hotel, a restaurant, an event planner, an institutional facility, or someone who’s throwing a huge wedding or dinner party, our eco-friendly dinnerware will not only impress your guests due to its beautiful Japanese design, but also because of its sustainability.

What Tableware You’ll Need to Host an Eco-Friendly Dinner

If you are planning to host a big dinner for your friends and family and don’t want to use paper or Styrofoam plates, you can opt for our 100% tree-free dinnerware made from renewable and biodegradable materials. All of our dinnerware is made using sugarcane fiber, bamboo, and reed pulp, which are all fully eco-friendly and compostable materials.

All our dishes feature an elegant, minimal, and modern Japanese design to add all the sophistication to your tables that is missing with paper plates.

Here are some of our eco-friendly dinnerware options that you may need for the big evening:

1.     Kaku Small Tasting Plate – Best for Appetizers

Our Kaku Small Tasting Plate is perfect for appetizers. These durable plates can hold dense foods, both hot and cold. They are completely water and oil-resistant, so your guests won’t have to worry about getting stains on their fancy clothes.

2.     Kaku Medium Salad Plate

Our Kaku Medium Salad Plate is perfect to serve salads. They have a stylish design and are made from sugarcane or bamboo plants that will only take a few months to degrade. Don’t worry about the salad dressing seeping through the plates, like you would if you had paper plates. These dense plates are water and oil-resistant.

3.     Kaku X-Large Dinner Plate – Best for Main Course

Our Kaku X-Large Dinner Plate is perfect for the main course. No matter what main course you have, these plates will durably hold the food without splintering or cutting through. Our dinnerware is cut-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your steak knives slicing through these hard plates.

4.     Petite Cup – Best for Hot Drinks

Our Petite Cup is made from 100% sugarcane or bamboo plants, which are the most eco-friendly options available today. Aptly named, they feature a minimalistic and modern Japanese design and are perfect for both hot and cold drinks. They are lightweight, durable, and water-resistant.      

Sustainable and eco-friendly dinnerware is the future of event planning. Switch to using eco-friendly cater-ware and dinnerware so you have one less thing to worry about when planning a party, an event, or a wedding. You would not want the weight of all the plastic and paper waste weighing down on your conscience, would you? Leave a lasting impression on your guests with these minimal and sustainable dinnerware solutions.