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Elementa is the supplier of disposable food containers and catering ware. Using our elegant eco-friendly products will maintain both the beauty of your table and the environment. Disposable food containers are ideal for any green-minded caterer; Made from renewable plant-based materials, paper, and wood. These Disposable and biodegradable food containers are far safer for the Earth than standard plastic containers. The premium materials also make these Eco-friendly food containers remarkably strong, keeping your customers’ meals always protected. These eco-friendly food containers are ideal for use with eco-friendly disposable utensils.

Palm Leaf Plates are made from fallen palm leaves. These beautiful, natural look plates are designed to last longer than average disposable plates.

Sugarcane pulp plates are a strong, grease and cut resistant alternative to traditional plastic. It is made from 100% sugarcane fibers and is compostable.

Bamboo Pulp Plates are made from Bamboo fiber, using corn starch for better shaping. They are grease and cut resistant and microwave and freezer safe.


At Elementa Inc., our ultimate mission is to support customers who seek to adopt environmentally sustainable practices. We provide stylish and compostable food packaging to protect the environment and maintain the beauty of party tables and tableware. We will make products available at an affordable price and in realistic quantities, with a simple-to-use ordering system and hassle-free delivery for individuals and businesses.

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